Grooms Up! Season's Most Stylish Sherwani Suit Styles for Groomsmen

Indian Wedding is all about our Ethnic Traditional Wedding Outfits. While brides have been a center of attention, Nitin Arora Photography just cannot leave our Grooms to be. Like women, men also find it difficult to land their perfect attire for their special day. No matter where the wedding destination place is, you ought to look your best. 

While, the past year caused an inhibiting effect on all sorts of celebrations, especially weddings, this year cosy, intimate weddings have become a trend. Thus, 2021 is expected to be the year of big celebrations and larger weddings. Here is a list of the sherwani trends of 2021 that are going viral on social media:

Indo Western Sherwani

A sherwani that is adorned with a touch of modernity. It is an attire that can make you look balanced. Being an unconventional choice, Indo Western Sherwani can give you a break from a normal traditional design. It can be going for Jodhpuri Suit, Pathani Suit or Dhoti-kurta.

Floral Prints

Bright colors and floral prints are big trends nowadays. Designers like Sabyasachi’s Groom wear collection have so many trending floral menswear options which are ideal for Indian grooms wedding wear. They give the traditional attire an elegant touch.

Jodhpuri Sherwani

The jodhpuri pattern is often considered to be a lovely add-on to a man’s royal outfit ideal for royal weddings. The refined royal look imparted by the traditional jodhpuri style has made it a favourite attire of almost every man. Hence, Jodhpuri designs are the best among Sherwanis.

3 Piece Sherwani Suit

Derived from the signature style of Jawaharlal Nehru, 3 Piece Sherwani Suit style consists of plain Churidar pyjama, plain kurta, and a stylized Nehru jacket. The versatility of these sherwani suit styles is such that they can be worn for different wedding functions easily.

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Twinning With the Bride

Matching the wedding outfits with the beautiful bride is “the” trend. You can go for color coordination, match safes with dupatta, prints of your wedding outfits, your jacket with her skirt, or the choices of your accessories or jewelleries. The list is endless.

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While choosing an attire isn’t just a small part. The most important part is to showcase your personality. Your dressing style should add to your character and compliments your personality. Be confident, make sure it is all comfortable, and get ready to impress every person at the event capture by the wedding photographer. Although the pandemic has changed many of the ways we live, the entrenchment of the Indian wedding demonstrates how some cultural traditions are immutable.

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