The Story Behind Our Durga Navami Concept Shoot By Nitin Arora Photography

As one of the most influential forms of art that help you freeze moments in time, photography is something that itself never ceases to evolve. This is due to the fact that there will always be creative and imaginative people to give direction to the craft. And we here at Nitin Arora Photography find Concept Shoots to be one such direction. 

The Story Behind Our Durga Navami Concept Shoot
Concept Shoots shed light upon various ideas and notions. Mostly they incorporate some deep and strong "message" that we photographers want to convey to our audience by portraying it through our greatest strength, photography. 

Concept Shoots are based on how, we as Professional Photographer, manage to display emotion through our work. 

Durga Navami Concept Shoot

Concept shoots do not remotely resemble any other photography genre, and this is what makes them unique. And as concept shoots represent an idea or a message, they are much more meaningful. These shoots help photographers to get their point across to the audience. 

With Concept Photography there is an idea that permeates and gives continuity to the work of art. And these ideas work best when the audience can easily relate and understand the message. 

Best Durga Navami PhotoShoot

The reason we say concept shoots are different is that these shoots have a concept, a message, an audience to address, some emotional connection, creative composition, and a storytelling factor.

Durga Navami PhotoShoot
While seeking the perfect theme for our concept shoot, we decided to pick Durga Navami. 

We chose to go with a Durga Navmi shoot as it assisted us to explain to couples how concept shoots work and how we, as photographers, would like to portray them in such shoots. 

Durga Navami photos
When we hear the word Durga, what most of the time comes to our mind is the goddess of war, who is all about combating demonic and evil forces that jeopardize prosperity, peace, and dharma, the power that good has over evil. Hence we, for our concept shoot, went with a little different approach as we wanted to portray Durga in a way that each and every woman could associate with her. 

Durga Navami photoshoot

We believe that all women have a Durga and a Kali avatar in them.

 Durga Navami Concept Shoot

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