Things to keep in mind after you have booked a wedding photographer !!

A wedding is a combination of emotions and budget. They both go hand in hand. The more lavish one wants their wedding to be, the more one has to invest in it.

The crucial part of a wedding is the exquisite wedding memories which are more of a ‘Bible of Emotions’ for the bride and the groom.

So, before anything goes out of your hand, you should inform the following things to your wedding photographer after you have hired him.

Things to keep in mind after you have booked a wedding photographer

1) Communication is the key to success -

Talk, talk and talk!

Tell about yourself, your likes and dislikes to the photographer. This will not only break the ice in between you and the photographer but also will help the photographer to sketch your personality along with the chemistry in between you and your partner.

For example, You can create a Whatsapp group. Share all the songs which you and your partner like so that the photographer can put them in the background of your wedding video. Share all the cute romantic images of the couple which you both like. This will give an idea to the photographer about your taste and preferences. This tip is simply to make the photographer know you better and not to copy the images. This way both you and your photographer’s time, energy and expectations will be saved.

2) You are unique, so be yourself.

Just to beautify the wedding pictures, most couples tend to drift away from their original selves. The more one is going to stick to his/her real personality and nature, the more authentic and gorgeous the wedding pictures will come out to be.

Note Many a time it happens that the photographer suggests the couple to take a particular pose only in order to elevate their uniqueness, but due to some preconceived notion, the couples do not even attempt to click pictures in the suggested pose of the photographer. This is not a way of the photographer to make the couple look like someone else, this suggestion of the photographer comes because he or she has years of experience in the field of photography which makes him/her retain the originality of the couple by giving them an extended version of their untapped potential to a more gorgeous photograph.

Things to keep in mind after you have booked a wedding photographer

3) Provide the photographer with an Event Flow -

It is extremely important for you to specify to your wedding photographer about the pictures which you positively want to be captured. As there are so many rituals associated with the wedding day, specifying the rituals which you want to be captured, to the wedding photographer will save both of your time, efforts and expectations.

Along with his, if you will provide the wedding photographer with an event flow containing the details of the rituals (date, time, the exact location of the venue) along with the information of the lined-up events then the photographer can be more alert and prepared to capture more of the event.

Adding to this, providing the photographer with the names and phone numbers of the important members of the family will help the photographer to keep them in the maximum pictures.

4) Coordination is the golden key -

Provide the photographer with the names and the phone numbers of the important members in the wedding i.e., Bua Ji,  Chacha Ji, Tai Ji, Monica Miami, Pintoo Uncle and whoever falls in the list. Believe it or not, this is because the man of the moment is the photographer, as he is given the responsibility to perfectly capture the moments which are so dear to you. He must have all the important details so that he can know beforehand that what is happening when and where and who all are to include for sure in maximum pictures.

Things to keep in mind after you have booked a wedding photographer

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5) Let your photographer know about his time flexibility -

Being alert all the time and maintaining perfect hand-eye coordination for a straight 18 hours is no small task. A photographer is a human being and not a machine. Going with the flow of the wedding day and that too without any hiccups is strenuous, both mentally and physically. The photographer is the one who is given the responsibility to keep an account of every moment of your D-day through his lenses. In the midst of all these, it is quite natural for the bride and the groom and their families to accidentally forget about the comfort of the person behind the scenes. So before any ceremony begins, just let the photographer know of when s/he can have some time for the self so that he can eat, take proper rest, resume freshly and can refocus better than before and not the other way around.

6) Let your photographer know about what you are worried about the most -

Break free from any hesitation and let your photographer know about the things which are unwantingly occupying your mind about your wedding photography. This will help the photographer to sort out the problems perhaps in a creative way.

For example:

> If you both are to perform a dance number and none of you is comfortable with it, then let the photographer know this. He might just give you some poses, suiting your personality and chemistry and you both might end up looking like a dance pro.

> Whatever profile (left or right) you believe comes best in your photography, inform this to the photographer. He will work according to your comfort from the very first go then.

> This is a crucial point, let the photographer know if you or your partner is camera shy or not. This will help the photographer to click candid pictures of the camera-shy person without even poking him/her to smile for a pose.

7) Reality shoots -

Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the hottest of them all?......BUT this is not a beauty pageant, it is a wedding photography, so requests like “Make me look thin” or “Remove the pimples from my cheeks, please” or “Make me look a little fairer na” will not be considered by the photographers because they believe that they were booked to click the special moments of the bride and the groom and not to do any virtual surgery of the family members. However, we photographers can consider this request for the bride and groom along with the immediate members of the family but that too keeping in mind the post-production possibility. Every photographer has his/her own editing pattern of the wedding images. This does not include beautifying the skin or thinning someone’s figure. One should always look at the editing style of the photographer and must then approach him/her.

booked a wedding photographer

8) Do not drag the photographer beyond the contracted time limit -

A photographer becomes as tired as you all in the process of bringing out the best moments from the day, considering this fact, it is crucial to stick to the time frame which you have pre-decided with your wedding photographer. Keeping him for “10 more minutes” seems unacceptable to the photographer as she/he too has set up some time graph from his busy schedule. So it is just to treat the photographer as a photographer only and not as a last-minute emergency button to save the day by capturing a few more shots.

9) Be curious -

Ask your wedding photographer as many questions you want. Asking questions and getting the answers from your photographer will only make the communication in between the two of you more meaningful and transparent. This will make your photographer interpret your requirements and expectations much better and he will deliver desired results. But there is one humble request and that is to maintain the balance in between being curious and getting in the nerves of the photographer. Rest all is smooth.

booked a wedding photographer

10) Payment, terms and conditions -

You should be very clear about the advance booking conditions of the photographer. Some of them charge 100%, some charge 50% and some charge 25%. So before any confusion crops up, it is better to communicate as clearly as possible with the photographer.

11) Availability of the photographer -

This is a common issue that occurs frequently. One should be very clear whether the photographer himself is going to available on the D-day or not. The busy schedule of the photographer does not allow him to be present on the wedding day and he/she sends a member of his team to capture the entire event, whereas the client expects the person (photographer) who was the original point of contact. This creates issues and at the end of the day, the client settles for the photographer which he got, purely out of compulsion. This not only creates a bad image of the photographer but also spoils the D-Day of the client. All the lines of communication should be crystal clear.

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