Things you can't forget on COVID 19 Wedding Checklist

If you’re getting married, you’d know planning is the core of a successful wedding but no matter how many things you might have executed, there are more than millions of things to be planned.

Since wedding is a one time affair and you want it to be the perfect day for you, you don’t want to be missing an iota to make it a grand success, right?

Weddings are overwhelming and planning is super overwhelming and hectic. There’s a Professional Planner for Planning Wedding During Covid 19. There’re so many details, vendors, guests, and it's hard to remember everything that you need to do on the wedding day to make it perfect. There are so many details that are overlooked. However, with COVID around you don’t want to overlook the most important things that otherwise should be your priority.


So, here Nitin Arora Photography have created a go-to checklist about things you can't forget on COVID 19 Wedding. This list will help you keep track of important details on your wedding day when COVID19 is around. 


Things you mustn’t forget about - Before The Wedding


  • Check if your wedding is still open and what number of guests is permitted 
  • Whether you are getting married by a rabbi, priest, a celebrant, or someone else, make sure you check with them and are safe. 
  • Check with your vendors
  • Let your wedding guests know if any changes
  • Make sure you’re through with your insurer, if any. 
  • Make a deal with vendors, if you anticipate postponing or canceling because of the worst cases.
  • Check with your travel agent, bookings, and accommodation. 


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Modify the Wedding Service and Reception

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  • Since many well-wishers, relatives can not attend the wedding, you can always switch to a new trend of hosting your wedding online. 
  • When possible, make sure the wedding ceremony is held outdoors so that people can maintain close contact.
  • Encourage the wedding guests to download the COVID Alert App


Sanitize Stations

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Amidst the health crisis, we need to make sure that we take care of ourselves and our loved ones. Make sanitizers available at multiple locations so that wedding attendees sanitize their hands often. 

There are several other things that need to be taken into consideration and can be forgotten by many due to the overwhelming pressure of the wedding. 


A Contingency Plan for Bad Weather

According to BRIDES, so many forget to have a plan B in case of “inclement weather.” In times of crisis like this one, outdoor weddings are preferred more so that there’s room to breathe good air. However, you need to make sure that you have a Plan B in place, in case it rains. Make sure you have plenty of space available to adjust your guests and still have a wide space to ensure the COVID19 guidelines adhere to. You must also check out Destinations To Plan Your Wedding In 2021


You’re Not in Hotspot


Even if you have already booked a venue for your wedding, make sure it is not a COVID 19 hotspot. You need to keep checking it every day and ensure the area where you’re getting married is a safe place to be. It will prepare you for adverse circumstances like canceling the venue booking and rebooking at some safe place. In times of covid, have plan B for everything that might seem ambiguous.


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