Tinka & Rahul || Pre Wedding Photoshoot at Noormahal

We at Nitin Arora Photography shoot a lot of couples for their Weddings. Tinka & Rahul was another cute couple that we got a chance to shoot.

With the evolving wedding photography trends, couples nowadays want the Best Wedding Photographer for their Wedding. And Tinka & Rahul were no different.

The couple came to us looking for the Best Pre Wedding Photographer. They wanted the Pre Wedding Photoshoot to take place at the Noormahal, Karnal.

The couple went for a Pre Wedding Photoshoot because they wanted to keep these memories with them for years to come. Pre Wedding Photoshoots are a great chance for the couple to grow chemistry between them. These shoots make the couple comfortable with each other and also with the photographer. Tinka & Rahul were very sweet and we faced no difficulty in the shoot. This is the reason the photos turned out to be so good.

The couple wanted us to shoot the Pre Wedding as creatively as possible. We shot Tinka & Rahul in different outfits ranging from Western to Traditional outfits. The former looked sharper, but the latter matched the vibe of the Noormahal.

While shooting the Pre Wedding of Tinka & Rahul, we realized Love isn't something that you find, love is something that finds you!

So if you are a couple looking for a Wedding Photographer, we at Nitin Arora Photography would be happy to cover the special moments of your life.

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