A photographer's guide on How to be comfortable during your photo shoot.

5 Important Tips on How to be Comfortable During Your Photo Shoot !!


We don’t realize this often, but photography is an essential part of our lives. It helps us in capturing the most important and beautiful moments in our lives. It also captures the milestones that we achieve, be it our first day at school or our last day at work. They help us form our memories, which we can cherish for a lifetime. A photo shoot can be done for several purposes, for instance, a wedding or for making a career in modelling or even for a birthday. 


Knowing that an image is about to become one of your best memories or is going to make or break your career, you obviously want it to come out nice and you want it to be presented in a very natural way. This can only be achieved if you are comfortable during the photoshoot and with the photographer.


We have accumulated a guide on how to be comfortable during your photo shoot.

We hope that the following is of use to you and helps you in getting comfortable during the photoshoot.


1. Be yourself Before you become comfortable with the photo shoot or the photographer, it is essential that you become comfortable with yourself. Be comfortable with your body, makeup or hair. Make sure that your personality comes out through the lens of the photographer. Be positive and don’t try hard to please the camera. A natural smile will also go a long way rather than a fake one. So, be sure that you are yourself!


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2. Know your photographer- Before you start the photoshoot, have a conversation with your Photographer. Tell the photographer about what type of pictures you want and understand his style of clicking the pictures. Communication is an important aspect and must not be ignored. Point out what you like and tell what you dislike. If you have a good angle, let the photographer know about the same.

3. Correct planning In order to be comfortable during the photo shoot, make sure you have planned everything correctly. You should pick a location that you are comfortable at, your hair and makeup should go with your outfit since this is something the photographer can't help it. Although, he may suggest what might look the best on you. If you are not comfortable with your surroundings or with your clothes, hair and makeup, there is a high chance that you will look uncomfortable which will reflect in the pictures.


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4. Listen and believe- Show some faith and confidence in your photographer, believe him when he says the picture looks great and don’t doubt on him. This is his profession and he knows it best. Listen carefully to all the instructions and follow him. If he says a certain pose might look better, then be sure to try it out rather than saying straight no!


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5. Do a little bit of research – If you research about the type of pictures you want and show the images of the same to the photographer, then the photographer’s job will not only become easy but he will understand with utmost clarity as to what’s in your mind, he will improvise on it if needed and will make sure that you get exactly what you wanted or something even better! This will also help in saving some time.


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