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When you plant to throng to an exotic place to toast you pre wedding photoshoot, deciding what to wear on pre wedding can be a little tricky. But if you a Professional Wedding Photographer then he may help with all sort of confusions.You obviously want to look elegant and stunning at the same time. Most of the couples prefer to have two or more settings while having a pre wedding shoot, giving a try to formals and casual outfits. 

The idea to choose any dress should be to match it with the storyline or the theme of the pre wedding shoot and the location that the couple chooses to visit. We will not limit the dressing choice that may be your first choice or your favourite, but we will tell you some tips and ideas that will help you choose your dress. You can read these tips, and you are free to choose any setting you like. 

1. Location

Before you think about "what to wear on a pre wedding shoot," the question you must ask yourself should be, "where is the pre wedding shoot"? It will help you decide the outfit as per the location. For an elegant setting, you can choose a formal suit or gown. However, if the location is an urban side, you can choose the colourful outfit that matches your pre-decided location. If you wish to have a pre wedding shoot at various locations, you can choose different outfits to make your shoot look vivid and lively. 

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2. Date-like Dress

Choose a dress that will help you remain comfortable! The pre wedding is not just about pictures or the outfit. It is about capturing the real chemistry between the couple, the blend of their experience and understanding. Choose something that you might wear on a date, this way you can be more comfortable at the shoot and don't have to face any moronic situation.

3. Dress for your Passion

Bringing in the activities that you like, your passion and hobbies are quite fun during a pre wedding shoot. It becomes ironic when art captures art. Some couples like to have a shoot at their favourite game spot, say a badminton court, and some like shopping.

4. Fairyland

Having a fairytale pre wedding shoot is always a dream for the couples. Wearing a formal-looking dress at a location that looks fairy, embedded with mantling cherry blossoms amidst the lush green trees swaying with romantic breezes can make it dreamy. 

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