Top 10 Places in India for You To Tie The Knot in 2020 || Nitin Arora Photography

After shooting countless weddings, we have come to realize that Destination Weddings are the best. These weddings are like a vacation, where everyone is having the time of their lives and there are no unnecessary people around to judge you. 

Every couple dreams of having such a wedding because destination weddings are way more memorable. And many elements help a wedding become so remarkable. But the most significant one is the location. 

And most of the time, couples desire a destination wedding without going too far. Hence, we here at Nitin Arora Photography tell you that you can have your dream destination wedding right here in India. 

We have made a list for you of some of the best destination wedding locations in India where you can tie the knot in 2020:


1. Kerala 

Karela has some of the most beautiful beaches and water bodies. Kerala might not be the current hot spot for destination weddings in India, but it has the potential to be.


2. Havelock Island

This is a mystical part of the Andaman Islands of India. The island is known to have the cleanest beaches in India. Get married under the blazing blue sky.

3. Shimla

With its charming atmosphere, Shimla is the hill station where a lot of couples go to tie the knot. The ambiance of the place is perpetual. If you are looking for a wedding in the hills then Shimla might be the way to go.

4. Goa

Not talking about Goa in a Destination Wedding discussion was never an option. When it comes to liveliness any city hardly comes close to Goa. The place is the party capital of India and if you expect similar things from your wedding, then Goa is the best option for you.

5. Jaipur

Also known as the royal capital of Rajasthan, the place is a magnet for couples who are planning a royal destination wedding.

6. Amritsar

If you have a Sikh destination wedding to plan and are confused about the location then let us tell you that nothing is better than Amritsar. The Golden Temple can be the perfect venue for your wedding.

7. Neemrana

The Neemrana Fort is one of the most popular destination wedding spots in India and for all the right reasons. The fort becomes a perfect backdrop when the sun goes down and the lights come up.

So if you want a culturally rich wedding then this is the best choice.

8. Agra

Two major aspects that make Agra a wonderful destination wedding location are The Taj Mahal and the cast that it is known as the "The City of Love". People don't go to Agra for their pre wedding shoots for nothing. Just like Jaipur, Agra is also very culturally rich. 

9. Mussoorie

Mussoorie is another strong competitor if you are looking for a hill station to get married. Mussoorie has some astounding venues like JW Marriott Walnut Grove Resort & Spa that can make your wedding a lot more memorable.

10. New Delhi

Delhi is, hands down, the most happening city in India. And if you are thinking about throwing a Big Fat Indian wedding then Delhi NCR is the best option for you. Here, you can find some really mesmerizing wedding venues that can add charm to your destination wedding.

These were some of our Favorite places in India where you can make your dream wedding possible. And to get some Wedding Photography Inspirations, you can check out our photography at Nitin Arora Photography.