Ultimate Wedding Trailers you must see to Get Inspiration

Ultimate Wedding Trailers you must see to Get Inspiration

A wedding is a very special day for the bride, groom and their families. A lot of effort, planning and time goes into making a wedding perfect and an important role is played by Wedding Photographer. It has become important to shoot a wedding trailer; a wedding trailer can be a highlight of the wedding ceremonies or can be shot before the wedding to give a hint to the guests as to how the wedding is going to be. A wedding trailer can be shot in several ways. However, we bring to you 5 wedding trailers that you must see to take ideas for your wedding trailer.

You can shoot a pre-wedding trailer, which allows you to tell your guests how you are as a couple, this trailer can also be used as an invitation or as a “save the date” video. You can choose a theme and stick to it or you can bring a variety. This video is a perfect example of the variety, romance and some fun.  By seeing this video, you can take an idea of how much bonding time the couple gets together and this is the video where you truly get to know each other more. This video shows emotions and feelings through actions only. A classic example of you doesn’t need words to describe love.



You can also go down the memory lane, talk about how you met, and then take yourself and your guests through each moment that you lived through during the wedding. From ring ceremony to the actual wedding. Add snippets of all the happy moments and the emotional ones. Relive your own wedding.  Add everything you feel is important to you and a few years down the line you will find yourself smiling through your own wedding trailer. Make sure that your photographer/videographer captures all the right moments so that something beautiful like this can be created.



This video shows, that you don’t have to be as colourful as others always. You can be vibrant even if you have a black and white or any other filter. It shows the bold dance moves of the couple, their friends and family. You don’t have to necessarily have a wedding trailer; you can shoot a teaser as well. Again, this can be used as an invitation for friends and family. You don’t have to be formal at all, it’s your trailer/teaser and you are allowed to have just as much fun as others.


You can have an Indian as well as a western touch together to the wedding trailer, this trailer is very unique from others, there’s lots of fun, emotions and the dramatic effect to the video makes it extremely entertaining to watch. If you want to do something very different, then this is the right inspiration for you.



This is a pre-wedding trailer with a royal touch to it. It was shot in Noor mahal and the couple looks extremely elegant and beautiful together in this video. You can also add a royal touch to your trailer by choosing a similar location. The actions and the location are well highlighted in this video and they are what makes and completes this video. This video seems so effortlessly and well done.

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