7+ Unique Ways To Setup Your Wedding Mandap

Weddings are overwhelming and we want them to be perfect and according to what we have always dreamed like. Every small detail in a wedding is crucial and so are wedding mandaps, from wedding locations to new-age photography ideas, we are always here to help with new & interesting finds for you. In this blog, we’ll help you with unique ways to set up your wedding mandap. 


Wedding mandaps are very important for any wedding, we’ll share with you some elegant and unique ideas that are budget-friendly and will add charm to your wedding. 


List of Wedding Mandap Decor Ideas:

1. Mandap in Matching Blooms

2. Mandap Adorned with Lights

2. Other Ideas for Wedding Mandap Decor



Decor Ideas for Wedding Mandap


01 "Drape Your Mandap In Matching Blooms"


Festoon your mandap pillars with matching flowers and colorful silk, you can match the colors with the main theme of your wedding, this could really take your wedding mandap design to the next level. 


Not just that, you can match the dome flowers with the seating arrangements you have for the bride-groom or guests attending the wedding. 


Floral Based


We all love flowers, who doesn’t? Floral-based wedding mandaps are very common in Indian weddings and we always loved to add flower string to our mandap. There are professional wedding florists who come up with creative ideas to festoon your wedding mandap that elevates the beauty of your wedding. 





Marigold flowers are almost synonymous with weddings and festivals in India. These flowers are beautiful and have a unique charm, and are available everywhere at a reasonable cost. You can use shades of the flower to decorate your wedding Mandap. You can use these flowers to spiral around pillars or leave them hanging, they look beautiful anyway. Marigold not only creates a vibrancy but also highlights a perfect vibe of a wedding. 




Decorating your wedding mandap with roses is a terrific way to festoon your wedding day. This is the trend that never goes out of fashion. When you are not sure what kind of flowers or setup you want for your wedding or the wedding mandap, you can always trust roses. The romantic charm is marvelous and depicts the love of the couple. You can use these flowers to create a mandap canopy and bouquets that will reflect the grandeur of your wedding day. 


Colorful Drapes


From decorating mandap pillars with colorful silk to creating a beautiful canopy with your favorite flowers, you can always have multiple options at your disposal to choose from. Use yellow or orange silk to decorate your mandap and to take personalization to the next level, you can use the same colored chairs and sofas in the mandap area to create a unique vibrancy. 

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02 "Minimalistic Mandap Adorned With Lights"


Lights are the way to add brightness and beauty to your wedding mandap, you can use one light-colored decorations light to festooned your wedding mandap. Whether you have decorated the mandap with colorful drapes or with flowers, you can add a different charm to your wedding mandap with decorative lights. 



03 "What Are Other Ideas For A Wedding Mandap?"


  • Circular mandap drapes with red silk
  • Wedding mandap draped with red and maroon colors
  • Forest-themed wedding mandap


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