Wedding Trends that will be Big in 2021

If there is one industry that has been most affected by Covid-19, then it is the wedding industry. And If there is one thing that we all want to do in 2021,then that is to celebrate without a thought. Without having to worry about the number of guests we can include or a matching mask. Sadly, this does not seem likely to happen in the near future. And so, we might have to look at the new Covid-19 era wedding’s for a little longer. And perhaps, a fusion of it in the coming years.

wedding trends in 2021

Because the pandemic has certainly given people a new way to look at weddings. With the introduction of Covid-19 vaccine, the hopes are that the weddings and gatherings could go back to being celebrated like they were. Nonetheless, even then, 2020's impact on weddings is going to persist. And it's definitely not a bad thing. 

Go local

wedding trends in 2021

This year has definitely made people realize that weddings don't always need a palatial banquet. Weddings can be locally sourced- on grounds, terraces or backyards. Along with the venue, other things such as food and flowers have also been sourced locally. And indeed, this trend is going to be continued further. For one reason that this has given small businesses an opportunity to showcase their services, and people have eagerly acknowledged it.

Intimate and informal

wedding trends in 2021

'Limited number of guests', this was definitely the most controversial part of the pandemic hit weddings. While initially, there was some negative air around it, eventually people realised the perks of it. This actually allowed people to spend their special day with their nearest and dearest ones. And it also enabled them to spend lavishly on a small group of people. So far, everyone has realised the beauty of an intimate wedding. So it is highly possible that most people are going to incorporate this rule into 2021 as well, even if they are allowed to do otherwise. You cana also check out Ideas For Lovely Candid Wedding Photographs

Mood lighting 

wedding trends in 2021

One of the top trends of 2021 involves all about lightings. Lightings have become the most crucial and inevitable part of wedding décor. Vendors and couples are looking to integrate lighting in unique ways. Be it crystal chandeliers dangling from trees, vintage-looking edison lights, or an intricate trellis of string lights, mood lighting in every form is bound to be explored in this, as well as coming years. You can also check out Places for Destination Wedding


wedding trends in 2021

With more and more people becoming eco-conscious, weddings are now being hosted responsibly. And from the looks of it, many wedding venues in 2021 would have installed solar panels to cut down on electricity consumption. From using recyclable materials to reusing/ lending the wedding props, everything is done keeping in mind its impact on the environment.


wedding trends in 2021

Gone are the days when the only job that the couple had on their wedding day was to smile and pose for pictures. Weddings are now being lived differently. They are now filled with dance, music and entertainment. From setting up photo booths to a DJ remixing your favourite Bollywood Songs for Wedding, entertainment has become the heart of weddings. And what this year is going to witness is just a magnified version of this craze. 

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