What do Clients in Covid Era Want from Wedding Photographers?

The past six months have been a nightmare for the photography and wedding industry across the globe. The spread of novel coronavirus - a deadly pandemic that killed hundreds and thousands of people and yet counting - has halted every business movement whatsoever. Most of the people started to get a little cabin fever due to the COVID19-induced lockdown. 

With events halted, celebrations paused, and weddings postponed, the pandemic drove everything to a standstill. However, with the economy bungee jumping, the governments have started to resume some businesses with necessary precautions. For example, if around 500 guests were invited for a big fat Indian wedding, now only a gathering of 50 people is allowed. So, this has re-shaped the strategies and the workflow of wedding photographer, wedding planners, and designers. 

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In this blog, we will tell you the new-normal questions that you would be asked by a client if you are a wedding photographer. Keep your answers ready!

Having covered weddings in the peak-time of coronavirus in India while following the strict guidelines from the government, we will give share first-hand experience and the questions that are part of ‘hiring a photographer in times of covid.’



What precautions are you taking? Will you undergo the COVID19-test before covering the event? Is your gear safe and properly cleaned?

First things first, the pandemic has definitely changed the way we used to think about safety measures. People are definitely worried about their health (although, very few of them are following the strict health protocol) and expect the photography team to be well organized, safe, and free from the novel coronavirus.


You are good if you are: 

- Following guidelines imposed by the government strictly

- Taking sensitization of yourself and your gear seriously 

- Keeping social distancing at the event

- Wearing facemasks and shields at all times. 

- Arogya Setu app downloaded in our 

Event Cancellation

What if we cancel or postpone the wedding because of some untoward incident? Are we entitled to a full refund?

With COVID19 positive cases plunging, most of the wedding clients are worried about the cancellation or the postpone of the wedding ceremony. Some clients have given you advance or some have given a full payment for you to cover a wedding, will you be able to adjust with the dates or give the full refund if the wedding is canceled or postponed? 

For example, we at Nitin Arora Photography have created a 30-day prior notice policy for our clients who would like to postpone or cancel the wedding ceremony. The clients are supposed to inform us 30 days before the wedding day and we are either open to adjusting dates (if our dates are not booked) or adjust the money with the client accordingly.


Will you refund us if we cancel the wedding? If we postpone the new dates, will you be able to cover the wedding on our new dates? If not, how will you refund/adjust the amount paid in advance?

In case of cancellation and postponement of the wedding, we advise clients to gives us a 30-day prior notice if they wish to cancel or reschedule the wedding. 


With wedding gatherings shrinking to just 50, the photographers covering the wedding event have also halved their wedding crew covering these events. So, with fewer crew members, it is not possible to deliver the same number of pictures or documentaries that photographers used to deliver in the pre-covid era. 

For example, if a photographer used to deliver 500-700 images in an average wedding before covid, with fewer crew members shooting the event it is only possible to deliver 200-300 images of the wedding. 

Have a Look At Some of the Images From Our First Wedding in Covid



So, prepare yourself for the new-normal weddings and make sure to take precautions seriously. Don’t end up risking your life and that of your colleagues. Stay healthy and Safe! And if you are someone who is looking to get some ideas and inspirations for a future wedding event, you can go and check out our site Nitin Arora Photography and Read Our Blogs Also.

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