Here Are The Reasons Why Black & White Photography Is Always Captivating


"Colour is Descriptive. 

Black and White is Interpretive"

-Eliott Erwitt

Even though good and bad photography is something that is purely subjective, we all can still agree that black and white photography is just astounding. We all know that even applying a simple black and white filter to an average-looking photo can make it seem magical.

importance of Black & White Photography

So what is it? What makes all these black and white pictures so moody and dramatic? This is because of Professional Photographer We here at Nitin Arora Photography have been seeking the answer for some time now and as we have finally gathered all the pieces of the puzzle. So let's take a look at why Black and White Photography looks so extraordinary.

 Black & White Photography Is Always Captivating

Light and Shadows -

A Black and White Picture is just made up of all the different shades of the colour grey, but it can still teach you more about Light and Shadows than any coloured picture. 

 Black & White Photography Captivating

When a picture is black and white, it helps in highlighting all the minor details of the image. Without being distracted by the colour, you can start to see the aesthetics of light and shadows in the photo. 

 Black & White Photography importance

Capturing these pleasing images is all about paying equal attention to the highlights, the shadows and the mid-tones so that they create a perfect monochrome image.

 Black & White Photography Captivating

Why Does Everyone Love Black and White Images?

As we discussed before, colour is something that always distracts us from seeing all the smaller elements of the pictures. But Without colour, you can easily make out the textures of all the elements that are there in the frame and the leading lines and patterns that make up the image's composition. All of this together helps us see how beautiful the image actually looks without any distractions.

 Black & White images

Why Are We More Drawn To B&W Images Rather Than Coloured Images?

We, as humans, are used to seeing the world in colour, and this is the reason a photo that hasn't gone through post product or even basic colour enhancement doesn't really excite us. But if we take out the colours from an image, it automatically becomes abstract and forces us, as viewers, to use our imagination to interpret the image.

 Black & White Photography images

Another reason we all are naturally drawn towards B&W Photography is that taking the colours away from a picture just helps us see the world with a whole new perspective.

 Black & White wedding photoshoot

And it not only gives us a fresh perspective to work with, but it also adds mystery to the images.

 Black & White wedding Photos

Black and White Photography is a perfect way through which someone can make their photos look more moody and dramatic. 

 Black and White Photography

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