Why Candid Moments Are The Essence Of A Wedding

"Photography is the beauty of life captured"
- Tara Chisholm

best Candid photo Moments in 2021

No matter how hard we try, we can never value photography enough for helping us freeze a moment that is gone forever.
We at Nitin Arora Photography are here to talk about the photography genre that originated through photojournalism but now has become one of the hottest trends in the wedding industry.

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Most of you would agree when we say that candid pictures have a very different energy when compared to the other genres of photography.

best candid wedding images

We, as wedding photographer , believe that candid photography is the best way to capture people's real emotions. People can smile and pose all they want for traditional photography, but candid wedding photography is what catches people off guard, in their very own skin.

best candid photography images

Here Are The Reasons Why B&W Photography Is Always Captivating

These pictures are brilliant at conveying the moment's sentiment to the viewer and also help the couple tell their story.

top candid photography

Candid Photography captures the very soul of the moment to the point where a single glance of these pictures can take you back in time to relive all those precious memories.

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The reason we all adore candid photos is that we, as human beings, are naturally drawn towards happiness and these photos do a great job of capturing it.

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And it's not just joy or happiness that a candid photo captures, it manages to seize the whole spectrum of emotions behind a smile.

best candid portrait photography


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We do not blame our clients for instantly feeling connected to these happy images. As when that happens, we know we did our part.

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We, as wedding photographers, feel content when we know that our clients can keep all the priceless moments close to them and cherish them forever.

best candid family photography

The reason candid photography is always genuine and authentic is that it is spontaneous. There are no rehearsals for such shoots and this is what makes them extraordinary.

best wedding candid images

This also gives people the freedom of expression, especially the ones who are not very confident in front of the camera. This allows people to let their hair down and be themselves. And we think this is what candid photography is all about.

candid photography

And not to mention, candid photography is as full of surprises as it is spontaneous.

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