Why Getting Ready Shots are a Must!

As the saying goes, "Every picture has a story to tell, all you need to do is look closely". And that is what we believe "Getting Ready Shots" are all about, telling stories.

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Your wedding is such an anticipated event that its each and every moment needs to be photographed, from start to finish. And these Getting Ready Shots officially kick off your wedding day photography.

Getting Ready Shots help the viewer understand the journey that the bride and groom go through while preparing themselves for one of the most special days of their life.

For most people, these getting ready shots are all about makeup and hair. But it is much more than that. It is a significant moment for the bride and groom to bond with their family and friends.

And not just friends and family, this also gives the couple a chance to connect with their wedding photographer and develop a basic understanding. 

We here at Nitin Arora Photography love clicking these pictures as we help the bride and groom tell the entire story of their wedding day.

It is a magnificent moment when the bride looks at herself in the mirror after getting ready. 

If you are someone who is not very bold at facing the cameras, these getting ready shots are perfect for you to warm up to the camera and the photographers.

We also love it when the bride and groom do "first looks". The First Look Shots with parents are Priceless.

You, choosing to get these getting ready shots are a great way to freeze these memories in time to relive them in the future. 

You and your loved one can always look back at these moments and discuss the butterflies that you were feeling in your stomach.

These shots might not just be about jewelry and makeup, but a major part of them is. 

We, as Wedding Photographers, try and cover even the smallest of aspects so that you can fall in love with all of those little details.

You might not wear your shoes and the wedding dress again, hence you need some amazing getting ready shots to remember your special day.

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